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Lloyds register

71 Fenchurch street – reception:

WestWise was asked to carry out refurbishment works to the main reception area and foyer of 71 Fenchurch Street, Due to an existing relationship with the client on refurbishments to office floors with in the building we were the first contractor option for this project.

Being involved from day 1 enabled us to advise on what was shaping up to be a very tricky and timely project. After many meetings and planning alterations a programme was devised to maximise workings hours whilst enabling full use of lifts / stair cores and access into reception but most important clear fire escapes.

Starting from strip out of existing floor slabs to the final coat of paint, every shift and phase had to be finished as planned with no movement for mistake. The projects main obstacle was removing the old flooring consisting of 1200mm long / 300mm wide / 150mm deep granite slabs, each weighing around 80kg covering a floor area of approximately 700m2. Each slab was broken out in whole, placed onto a trolley wheeled across an access bridge and winched down 4 mts to ground level, loaded into to ply protective flooring ready for a waste truck to scoop away, all between 01:00 – 06:00 before restrictions to Fenchurch Street train station applied. After a lot of hard work by everyone involved, and installation of some very high-end bamboo flooring / Gunnebo turnstiles / mood lighting and creative decoration this was a project to be able to stand back and say “wow”

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Client Name: Lloyds register
Project Type: Refurbishment