WestWise have carried out many refurbishment projects over the years, giving us in depth knowledge in creating your desired vision. Undertaking barn conversions to high end living areas, cinema rooms from unused grounds and secret gardens in high view areas, we can deliver your dream.

Starting from clearing locations & preparations to the final brush of paint, WestWise can take care of your every need. Difficult locations, council requirements / legislation and respect for your neighbours, we will take the hassle away from you.

Looking to extend? Unsure of what to do to achieve more space or to maximise your property value? Or just fancy a change? We can design, build, and deliver.

We never say, “it can’t be done”, we will find a way where others would not bother to try. The bigger the challenge the more satisfaction we have in saying to you as the client “we have finished”. At WestWise discretion and privacy is respected, we will live your project, any space can become your vision, nothing is impossible.  

About Westwise

If you have a project that you'd like to discuss then please get in touch via the contact form or call +44(0)203 223 0021